Black Market - Get Over It NF-022


Fixtures of the Charlotte, North Carolina music and arts scene, Black Market have bewildered observers for most of their existence. Beginning life as a studio project, despite the wealth of live experience shared among the band, Black Market set out to write, record and release a two song EP each month during the first year of their existence, making the most of the liberation​​ provides to execute the DIY ethics at the core of the band.

Black Market dedicated their time to experimentation, songwriting and stretching out both musically and visually. The exercise found a band rooted in fast and raw punk allowing elements of shoegaze, psych, and noise to infiltrate their sound.

Get Over It finds a grown-up outfit, a rare feat for a band’s debut LP. A nine track song cycle follows the bands evolution and explores their trajectory. Beginning with driving tempos over winding melody, the band gets louder, heavier and noisier. The middle section gets louder, noisier, and more aggressive. Ending with a resolve, the record ultimately sounds like a band who is learning to find it’s place in the world. Demons, codependency, and bad habits get exercised in the lyrics; genres and styles get chewed up and spit out onto the ground. In a sense, Get Over It is about growing up, moving on, and lessons learned.

Pressing Information

100 pad printed, black cassettes
100 compact discs