Phantom Glue - 776 NF-025


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In heavy music’s ever expanding landscape, defying genre convention is no longer considered a novelty. Over the course of their nearly 15 year existence, Boston, MA’s Phantom Glue have managed to integrate influences as seemingly disparate as noise rock, death metal and sludge/doom into a cohesive sound. The band are as likely to reference Unwound as they are Morbid Angel and Neurosis.

Phantom Glue have evolved from a band started “to play Karp and Slayer riffs,” into deft genre technicians who put as much focus on crafting memorable songs as they do writing “riffs that could grind bricks to dust" (Terrorizer Magazine).

Vocalist and rhythm guitarist Matt Oates' vision of a mythological occult history (and apocalyptic future) of the Americas formed the basis for his lyrics and artwork, creating the aesthetic which has run through each of Phantom Glue's releases. The third album's title—776, explores an unwritten history of the United States a millennium before the signing of the Declaration of Independence.
The band is rounded out by bassist Nicholas Wolf, guitarist Mike Gowell and new drummer Dana Filloon who joined, following the departure of Kyle Rasmussen, after recording 776.

Boston’s Phantom Glue return on May 13th with their third album – 776, their first for Negative Fun Records.