Back Catalog Bundle Vinyl


We've packaged up copies of the She Rides/Dripping Slits, Red Hex and Wormburner 7"s for the low, low price of $10.00 ppd.

Grab all of our in-print, back catalog titles, in one convenient package.

"If She Rides are the soundtrack to a rowdy bar then Dripping Slits are what's playing in the gutter outside; the sound of booze stained jeans, shabby beards, a stomach full of drugs and grubby sex. Both bands wield a filth and fury that's missing from some of the more prominent names in this field and both are well worth checking out" - Tight To The Nail

"The Red Hex trio from Washington state has delivered us an offering of three raw and bloody post-punk beatings, characterized by angular guitar crunches, Sam Olsen’s raspy snarling and a notion of certain destruction as these guys have little remorse for any of the damage they cause." - Styrofoam Drone

"Steve can sound like a higher, optimistic Bob Mould with the layers of compressed vocals. One of those gifted storytellers that reminds me that's what songs were always for. To put a melody and pass on experience. Someone has to be at that bar if I can't." - 7inches