Family Bike - Everything You Own Is Anagrammed NF-013


Built on the foundation of lifelong friends and a decade of creative collaboration, Family Bike is a musical kinship. This energetic and inventive indie-pop duo features, drummer, Taylor Haag as well as multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Karl Kuehn, also of Museum Mouth. Formally started in early 2014, the band began recording in their hometown of Southport, North Carolina, often considered the "third member" of the group.

The band's sound features an array of species from the rock genus, with a focus on lyrical candor and cunning musicianship. With wild and enthusiastic personalities, Family Bike's accessible style plays out like a dynamic friendship, capturing the excitement of grade school playfulness as well as the endearing depth of late night talks. Everything You Own Is Anagrammed is an inventive record that exhibits a musical friendship coming-of-age in the 21st century, and, as is the case with a family bike, you can't do it all on your own, sometimes we can all use a little help.

Everything You Own Is Anagrammed - Track Listing

1. Big Diction
2. The Best Sleep
3. Idiot Boy
4. Heat Rash
5. Places
6. How I Survived November
7. Nobody's Business
8. When You're Young
9. Kith and Kin
10. Dylan's Room
11. Carson Daly

Pressing Information

Limited pressing of 300 copies
100 copies on randomly colored vinyl
200 copies on black vinyl