Midnight Plus One - Negative Fun Singles Club Series NF-008


Midnight Plus One offers up two bewitching new tracks for the Negative Fun Records 2014 Singles Club. "Like Camera" creeps in with a brooding tension and lilting, breathy vocals. Swirling atmospherics and a thunderous beat give way to tides of crashing guitars and a pummeling rhythm section. "White Flowers" follows suit: the initial tranquility eventually succumbs to a beautifully ominous type of chaos, instilling a sense of both mystery and electricity into the song.

Imagine if Perfect Pussy incorporated elements of of shoegaze and dream pop into its sound. Or what if Young Prisms embraced a more caustic, turbulent punk aesthetic? Comparisons like this usually contain a thread of truth but are ultimately futile; there's really no descriptor that adequately encapsulates Midnight Plus One's singular sound and the band has tapped into something that feels imminently dangerous yet undeniably engaging.

Pressing Information

200 copies on black vinyl