Positive No - Negative Fun Singles Club Series NF-007


Self-described "static-jangle-sonic-fuzz-dream-pop," these two fantastic new songs from Richmond, VA's Positive No revel in the sweetly sung yet emphatically delivered vocals of Tracy Wilson as well as a propulsive, angular rhythm section that harkens back to some of the Washington DC area's more revered outfits: Jawbox and Velocity Girl immediately come to mind. In fact, the former's own J. Robbins produced Positive No's 2013 debut, Via Florum, which drew praise from the likes of Rolling Stone and Stereogum for its ear-worm melodies and engaging song structures. It was shimmery and warm enough to be called dreamy, but bursting with tension and energy so as not to forsake the members' post-hardcore pedigree.

In particular, Wilson's former band - the seminal Dahlia Seed (Troubleman Unlimited, Theologian Records) - is a strong touchpoint. While Positive No's soaring choruses and bouncy guitar lines land the quartet in sunnier, more uplifting territory than Dahlia Seed's cathartic blasts of emo-punk, it's all fortified by muscular riffs, squalls of noisy feedback and adventurous songwriting. There's no doubt that Positive No's contribution to the Negative Fun Records 2014 Single Club is its most striking material to date, embracing the band's discordant post-hardcore roots while forging ahead with a buoyant, infectious mixture of indie rock and dream pop.

Pressing Information

200 copies on black vinyl