Bad Daddies - Negative Fun Singles Club Series NF-006


The four songs on Bad Daddies' contribution to the Negative Fun 2014 Singles Club are over in what seems like the blink of an eye. But six-and-a-half spasmodic minutes of amped-up, female-fronted punk rock is all this Northern California quartet needs to drive a joyous, thrashy cacophony of music into your brainstem. We're talking pure spitfire here, and it can't be contained, save for a few tension-filled seconds between each blistering track on the new 7-inch. Bad Daddies are unquestionably raw and relentless but with a sense of humor and an underlying melodicism that can compel an audience to dance and pump its collective fist along with the groove-shaking clatter.

Opener "You Ain't Right" wastes no time with the aural assault. It cracks the silence with a righteous bolt of guitar feedback before the squall and squawk is overtaken by a sludgy, pounding bass line and propulsive drumming. Vocalist Camylle Reynolds joins the fray - snotty, indignant and full of vitriol - and the rest of the track plays out like the best possible type of dirty, sweaty, punk-rock mess. It's a lot of noise ... and even more fun. In other words: get in, make 'em shake, wreck some shit, get the hell out. That's exactly how Bad Daddies like to crash the party.

Pressing Information

200 copies on black vinyl