Wormburner - Today Might Be Our Day b/w Parliaments On Sundays NF-004


Rock and roll is a game of inches. When everybody's influences and inspiration levels are about the same, excellence comes from – and down to – execution, effort, and passion. Attention to detail all more than matter.

This Wormburner single is beautifully executed, with total commitment and endless energy. It's much more pleasing to discover that this single is seven inches of inspiration.

In Wormburner's hands, inspiration works two ways.

First, this is just inspired rock and roll. The guitar lines are fresh, immediate, and incredibly satisfying. (Ex-Luna sideman Sean Eden's glowing guitar work features on the B-side.)

The rhythm section is active and creative, with mobile, precise bass lines and agile drumming - light on the fills, heavy on the hitting. Frontman "Hank" Henry's lyrics and delivery bring the most inspiration, injecting a fluid conversational style into the songs--so fluid and conversational that you might miss their real poetic grace.

When he's riding along with the propulsive music, Hank sounds like some righteous dude telling you a story at the bar, but when you pull the lyrics out of their setting, you realize it's not every lyricist who would try--or who could pull off--"it's one thing when the work don't pay, but when they dust for prints?".

And you won't hear "drag for drag and drink for drink / piling up like dishes in the sink" from too many barstool-bound storytellers.

Second, "Today Might Be Our Day" is one electrifying song. It's a classic, a song you sing along to halfway through your first listen, and every time you hear it after that.

This is a side you can slap onto the turntable any time you need to hear a hopeful--and completely honest--song about things being completely fucked.

A record that makes you happy without lying to you?

That's inspired.

That's Wormburner.

Pressing Information

Limited pressing of 500 copies
100 copies on opaque purple vinyl
400 copies on black vinyl