She Rides/Dripping Slits - Crucial Fix Split 7" NF-001


Two minutes hate? That's what got us here! There's nothing exactly WRONG with it, but two minutes of hate is pretty 1984. Here in our far-flung future, what we need is something better, and with this Crucial Fix split 7", we have it: seven inches and ten minutes RAGE.

She Rides brings a narrow-eyed, tight-jawed spit-shout to the party--among twin-guitar brambles stalk and careen haunted, hunted proclamations in "Grease in the Wheels". "Riding headfirst," you hear, but you knew it already, because the guitars told you. Eventually the breakdown comes and you're told "the party--never--stops" by a man whose voice makes it crystal-meth clear that this is just a brute fact, with no good or bad to be had. "Rage Forever" sounds like a tornado wrecking a prison--until the gears shift into some good-spirited stomp-rock. Think Godzilla celebrating. Or King Kong partying. This is music that will crash your club and steal your drugs. This is music that can take a punch.

The other side gives you Dripping Slits, who whip a darker frenzy still. A glorious racket that probably pukes twice before deciding it's ready to go out on a Friday night. Writhing, spasming, absolutely frenzied music, hurling itself at and through any restraints or impediments--"Soul Fool" is hardly buying what you're selling about hitting rock bottom, and "Let's Get Rough" knows for sure that the best place for your skirt is balled up in its fist.

If you show up alone, these Dripping Slits songs will seduce you, guaranteed (with no sense of shame). Dripping Slits will show you a long night, with empty bottles and ever-lower levels. No telling what you'll find when you come to, though.


  1. Grease In The Wheels
  2. Rage Forever
  3. Soul Fool-Let's Get Rough(To Death From Above)
Pressing Information

Limited pressing of 500 copies
100 on randomly colored vinyl
400 on black vinyl