Totally Slow

Totally Slow deal in immediacy: they wanna shake you out and put some NOW in your system. For three friends who have spent two decades throwing off sparks at basement shows and DIY warehouse spots in other bands, it’s been a rejection of complacency and a conscious commitment to the present moment. Tempered by the ethos of 80s hardcore and 90s indie, they regularly criss-cross their home state of North Carolina, sharing bills with Torche, White Lung, California X, The Menzingers, Superheaven, Cymbals Eat Guitars and landing a spot on the massive FEST 13 (As well as a Hopscotch 2015 day party performance, and the upcoming Phuzz Phest 2015). Clearly, these dudes don’t have time to waste. But as much as the band seeks to cure their own creative restlessness, Totally Slow tirelessly champion their local scene, repping their friend’s bands and progressive politics like patches on a fine denim jacket.

Although their music builds on classic sounds, Saccharine Trust as Superchunk as The Replacements, the true pleasure is in how they wield these familiar implements like expert stone masons. Live and on record, they’re a phalanx of melody and guts, churning and burning with insistent hooks and tough energy, all amply demonstrated on the Kris Hilbert (Legitimate Business) recorded debut LP and 2014’s split 7″ with Charlotte, NC’s Black Market (Self-Aware Recs). 2015 will see the boys on the road once again with new music, a new split with NC pals Viewfinder on Save Your Generation, and a Cassette re-release of the debut LP on Negative Fun Records.