Pretty Greens

The Pretty Greens channel an unapologetic call to social justice and inequality reform enlisting inspiration from the likes of Brill Building pop (The Cookies, The Ronettes, The Shangri-La’s), wild and dreamy garage, dark surf, and punk rock. With appreciative nods to the fast and loose clamorous punk-pop of Bratmobile and the garage rock of Nikki and the Corvettes, the band also mixes in the off-kilter and raucous attitude of groups like The Raincoats, and The Slits.

The band features Kool Schmool (guitar, vocals), Julia Green (bass, vocals) and Carly Green (drums, vocals)--and occasionally enlists the help of fellow musician and rapper extraordinaire Mike Writes (of Mike Writes and the Epperson Airplane). When the current lineup came together in 2013, the Pretty Greens began sharing songwriting duties and themes for songs became even more about validation, combating societal injustices, support, and self-love.