The Pilgrims were concocted in 2010, grown in the dirty kitchen of a reconditioned office-space apartment. To counter their days spent making minimum wage, they spent their nights burning tubes and building calluses.

At a practice space in an alley way across from the train tracks, their fuzzed-out, raw sound took shape. Fueled by cheap pints at the local pub, they spit tunes without apology, kiss-offs to the struggles of young, rural life, odes to the dreams they once held, and the ambitions they still do.

Like a sonic avalanche gaining ground, the Pilgrims churned out two full-lengths – It’s Not Pretty, & Bu$$, and two EPs - Nobility & Natalie Goes to College, in three years, forcing the New England Music Awards to take note.

Garage rock in the most literal sense – they’ve got stable digs now – the Pilgrims are the hardest-working, easy-going guys you’ll find. On any given weekend they’re sure to be haunting a bar with their cacophony, because in the words of Garth Algar, they like to play.