Pink Flag

Pink Flag is a post-punk band, driven by female energy, from Durham, NC. The band will release its first full-length, This Gift of Knives, this year as the debut of the Negative Fun tape collective.

Formed in 2007 by Betsy Shane, Jessica Caesar, and Princess Ojiaku in a storage space over a love of loud, local music and a desire to express loud feelings through the universally loved medium of skittery punk rock, the band swelled with the teeming live music scene in Durham. After two EP releases, the band went on hiatus as academia, other projects, and a focus on work encroached.

In 2011, the band invited Steve Jones to play bass for a one-off show, which turned into multiple engagements and full membership. This Gift of Knives was recorded in 2009 and 2010 in the same sessions as the King of Scene EP, but the band reserved its darker material for this shelved full-length, which after quiet circulation among friends and fans, is finally available for public consumption.

This Gift of Knives is an artifact of the direction the band was headed in before that hiatus, and comfortable companion to the more mature songs that have more recently appeared in Pink Flag's emotionally and alcoholically charged live shows.