Hot Dolphin

Hot Dolphin is basically that awesome garage band that everyone wants to play in, but since Lindsey Spurrier, Tim Falen, Alison Hancock, and Robert Barrow are already taking care of that, we’re doing the next best thing and putting out their record.

Formed a few short years ago in Richmond, Virginia, the foursome has already shared stages with the likes of up-and-comers like Diarrhea Planet and the So-So Glos. Their self-titled, self-released EP, Hotter Dolphiner, shows the sort of controlled, yet primal, blown-out grind that so many have to work so hard to find, but Hot Dolphin just make it all sound so effortlessly cool.

By the way, we hope you didn’t have to Google Hot Dolphin to get here, because wow, there is some seriously strange stuff that comes up when you search on Hot Dolphin - go ahead and check it out, don’t say we didn’t warn you.