Ghostt Bllonde

The woozy tunes from Raleigh's Ghostt Bllonde evoke the same eerie sultriness their name suggests. Like lounging poolside to an oldies station through a fading radio signal, they provide the distant warm of a comfortable longing, odes to love and lust lost and found.

Marc Kuzio, Chris Bennett, Billy Barnes, and Ryan Phillips have been impressively prolific during Ghostt Bllonde’s year-plus of existence, cranking out a wealth of well-received singles leading up to their exuberant full-length debut, Trash Pop//Doom Wop, another aptly-titled collection of bombastic ballads of karma and VHS tapes, and tweaked-out tunes of frustration and freak-outs.

Their frantic recording energy extends to their live shows, and having lit Raleigh homes and bars alike on fire with their manic energy, these fresh-faced upstarts turned back to the studio for our second “Home and Home” split 7” – and our Antiquated Technology cassette imprint, sure to provide good vibes to your all-night dance parties and picnics in the summer haze.