Daddy Issues

There’s no pretense to Greensboro, NC, four piece Daddy Issues; no unrequited fantasy from afar. These are girls having fun. Their attitude comes from myriad influences, all showing their sense of humor and lack of pretension — North Carolina’s own Link Wray, B-movies, the Ramones, tacos, surf rock, and of course, girl groups before them, like the Continental Co-Ets and the Shangri-Las.

Queer feminist undertones coupled with hyperbolic imagery and an irreverent attitude makes them a true punk band. They sing about whatever subject matter they feel like exploring - sea monsters, dreamy nights, going to the mall, lovers, girlfriends, getting laid, and dying young.

For each member, this is the first band, though they’ve already been dubbed “a perfect, shining moment of girl-group surf pop” by Stewart Bremner of Product Magazine (UK) and “rock goddesses” by Morgan Y. Evans of New Noise Magazine. Jordan Green of Triad City Beat wrote that they “suggested the Velvet Underground stripped of ennui.”